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About This Queen Named Hadassah

       Originally born in San Bernadino, California, Hadassah and her family moved 

to The Lone Star State of Texas  when she was three years old.  This "Cali made Texas Raised" girl spent most of her youth being known as the bookworm who was always about her business. As she matured, Hadassah quickly found her way into sports like volleyball, basketball, and her love for music and dance also began to flourish. After deciding to pursue a healthier lifestyle transitioning into high school, she ended up losing 50 pounds.  The weight loss combined with a growth spurt is what ultimately allowed Hadassah to find her way into the modeling world after many suggestions of pursuing a career in the industry.

         A local scouting event proved that she had something special, as she got call backs from various top agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Still being in high school, and not being in the position to travel just yet, model scout and mentor, Daryl Washington, suggested a local Dallas agency, Kim Dawson. After attending the agency's annual model search, Hadassah landed a spot as one of twelve finalist. With this, at the age of fifteen, she snagged a contract with the Kim Dawson Agency as a straight size model.  Immediately, she began work with renowned retail giant JCPenney and other clients.

         With a now budding modeling career, Hadassah, still kept her studies as top priority! As a little girl, her dream was always to be a pediatrician, but she soon began to fall in love with the Nursing profession. Balancing academics, modeling, family life, and extracurricular activities like Step Team, National Honor Society, among other things proved to be a challenge during her high school years, but she managed to pull it off gracefully. Graduating at number 12 in her class, she received many grants and scholarships, and went on to pursue nursing at Texas Woman's University. 


        Still maintaining a decent amount of work, Hadassah put the brakes on her modeling dreams to focus on her college studies. With one semester left of Nursing school, her path was redirected when not passing one class caused her to be removed from the program. Not giving up and fighting through her shortcomings, Hadassah obtained her Bachelors of General Studies with concentrations in Nursing and Business in 2015.

        Shortly after graduating, Hadassah found her dream jobs, and was hired on by non-profit youth organization Young Life, and as office administrator of Amazing Church in McKinney, Texas. Still waiting for modeling work to pick up, she also took on a marketing/sales job selling Direct TV inside of Costco stores across the Dallas area. She found much happiness and success in these jobs, but after a couple of months, the pastor, Derrick Golden, released her to pursue her modeling career full fledged. Not sure of how things would work out, she kept her faith and continued to work until modeling took off. 

        Sure enough in September of 2015 work began to pick up drastically for Hadassah. JcPenney launched their new Plus-Size division The Boutique, and she found herself being a prominent face for the brand's new launch. Hadassah continues to work for Penneys and hopes to serve as a representative for curvy women and girls around the world. She's worked for other clients including Nordstrom, Family Dollar, Lord and Cliff, She Wear Hair, Premier Jewelry, and more. Currently, she is expanding markets, as she just landed a contract with Muse Model Management in New York!  Hadassah also plans to pursue and work on careers in singing, dancing, and acting. She enjoys mentoring youth and volunteering in her spare time, and hopes to use her platform to mentally, spiritually, and physically inspire individuals around the world. 

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