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Redifining Beauty

Being in an industry where you are judged on your external appearance as a part of your job, it's easy to have your definition of beauty defined by others. Starting at the tender age of an identlty seeking  teenager in this business, I had to make sure I had a strong foundation and understanding of where my true beauty comes from; WITHIN!  Yes I am part of a body positive revolution, but my most important mission is to show you how beautiful you are inside, and how powerful YOU, WE truly are. So to all my Queens and Kings, because fellas I know yall need love too :) Remember beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, races, hairstyles, etc . We are all imperfectly perfect, so find your  inner beauty and let it radiate from your soul. Know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Know that there's no one else like YOU! Know that true beauty comes from within and penetrates outwardly.  And always remember to smile. You can change the world!


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